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The TALUMO Publishing Network is in search of individuals willing to publish guest posts on our network of sites.  In exchange, we will provide you with the ability to get inbound links and and traffic to your own blog.  Guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure, build your brand and generate traffic to your blog.

If you would like to participate, it’s easy to get started guest blogging for TALUMO.

How to guest post for the TALUMO Publishing Network?

  1. Register for an account here and fill out your bio information.
  2. Complete this form.  Make sure you include your username, select the TALUMO site(s) that you would like to blog for and accept our Guest Posting Terms.
  3. We will review your account and upgrade it so you can write for the blog.
  4. Write your post and save it .
  5. Our site editors will review and publish your article as long as it meets our editorial standards.

How will my my post get successfully published?

The best way to get published is to understand and follow the rules we’ve outlined below (we only have a few).

  1. Write unique content that you haven’t publish elsewhere.
  2. Article length should be between 200 to 800 words.  Longer posts are fine too but we reserve the right to break them up into a series of posts if we think that makes the most sense.
  3. Structure your posts into and paragraphs with subtitles.
  4. You may include up to 2 relevant links in each article but NO affiliate links will be permitted.

The editorial process.

After saving your article, our editors will review it and if needed, edit it to match our site standards.  In some cases we may edit the article title as well.  We will assign your post keywords based on our experience.   Please contact us if you have a question.

Thank you for your interest.  Are you ready to get started?